Beach Training

Donny Lax High school players train on the beach twice a week during January and February.  Here they work on the stick skills portion of their session, which also includes speed, power and agility training.  To my east coast lacrosse brethren – I’m sorry.

No substitute for speed

6 week Lacrosse Pre-Season Training Program


When: Tuesday and Thursday 3 pm-5 pm January 14th-Feb 20th (occasional Saturdays depending on everyone’s schedule)
Where: Torrey Pines State Beach (meet at the sea wall, about 1/2 mile North of the parking lot).  Keep jogging North with a ball in your stick until you see teammates throwing against the wall.
Who: Donny Lax 9th-12th Grade Players
Focus: Speed, Power, Agility, Wall Ball
Coach: Brent Kay, M.D. Sports Science Expert
Cost: $0 Additional (will cost you your time & sweat.  ROI will be high)
Description: The program is designed to improve your speed, power, agility and stick skills. Practice will be broken up into; 1) Wall Ball 2) Power drills 3) Speed drills 4) Agility training incorporating highly technical catching drills. We will measure power (standing long jump), speed (40 yard run), quickness (shuttle run), and wall ball skills through the course of the program, with electronic timing at the completion of the program. You are guaranteed to improve in all areas. Bring your stick, running shoes and be prepared to work hard.

***We will adjust training on an individual basis depending on other commitments, training and/or practices and games***

Brent W. Kay, M.D.
OUCH Sports Medical Center
27450 Ynez #128 Temecula, CA 92591
(951) 693-2354

It Doesn’t Take any Talent to Hustle


Being egotistical creatures, we humans want to look good in front of our teammates and coaches.

Often, this desire has us working hard to avoid mistakes out on the field.

We also tend to gesture to our audience (parents, fans, coaches, teammates) that we are displeased with our mistake. A player will drop a pass or miss a shot and bang his stick on the ground. Or he/she will hang his head, or maybe raise it up to look at the sky.  Meanwhile, the game goes on. Time moves forward.  The earth rotates and continues to revolve around the sun.

These demonstrations are quite ugly.  Only one reaction looks good – hustling to make the next play

At each point in time, your level of preparation is fixed.  Your stick skills are what they are.  Your lacrosse IQ is set. When the whistle blows for the first face off of the game, you cannot go back in time and take more repetitions on the wall, or study more game film. You must play with what you have.

What you CAN control in the present is your focus and your level of effort.

GO HARD. Go twice as hard after you make a mistake.

Coach Daly at Tufts likes to say “no memory.”  You have to learn the discipline of immediately forgetting your mistake. That play is over.  You can only control the next one.

Your coach, teammates, parents and GOD will always be impressed by heart and hustle.

Hustle always looks good, and it’s one thing you have 100% control over.

It’s All About Repetitions

Meet_Your_Digital_Coach Amanda_Cromwell_on_Repetitions

In this weekend’s Wall Street Journal, Jason Gay’s article “Your Digital Coach” is about technology and training.  Basketballs with sensors that measure arc and rotation of your shot.  These sorts of tools.

The big takeaway, for me, was something said by Amanda Cromwell, Head Women’s Soccer Coach at UCLA.  “It’s all about repetition. You’ve just got to get out there and keep shooting.”

Good technology can improve the efficiency of our training.   But YOU have to go out and do the work.  There is no substitute for the amount of time you put in.  The time you spend, multiplied by your work rate, equals the number of reps.  Number of repetitions is the number one factor that determines how good you become.

I often go back to the quip made by a friend of mine.  As several of us watched a NY Giants game on TV, a commercial aired for the Perfect Pushup – an exercise product .  You may remember this, along with “The Perfect Pullup,” two ubiquitous infomercials from several years ago.  One guy asked the group, “do you think that really works?”

“Oh yeah, definitely,” Jeff asserted.  “Do you know what else works?  Actually doing pushups.”

Moral of the story:  There are no shortcuts.  Only doing the work will get you there.

With our Sunday Squad, we saw lots of stagnation on offense.  Standing and watching the ball carrier.  We need to learn how to move without the ball.  Get out of the ball carrier’s way, so that he can dodge.

Improve your lacrosse IQ by making these concepts second nature:
Clear Through
Long Dodge